Dustin Valette

Dustin Valette grew up in idyllic Sonoma County in Northern California. His passion for food and cooking ignited while he worked in local restaurants as a young teenager, alongside his brother. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Dustin left New York to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class chef. His Extraordinary Journey took him to the finest culinary establishments across Europe and Asia before he came home to Healdsburg. Fast-forward, Dustin’s two restaurants in town called Valette and The Matheson are anchors of the area’s award-winning food and wine experiences.    

His passion for the pairing of wine and food drove him to develop the Valette wine label with some of Sonoma’s most celebrated vintners. Serendipity presented an opportunity to acquire an old bakery on the Healdsburg square, one that was once owned and operated by his French-born grandfather. Together with a partner similarly dedicated to the preservation, Dustin bought the landmark and began the transformation to what is now The Matheson.

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Sustainability is a top priority for the Chef. The Northern California climate may deliver a vibrant selection of produce, but it must be cared for by this generation and the next. Dustin is committed to his symbiotic relationship with local growers, and his restaurants are a shining example of a balance between land and food.      

His international experiences helped shape his culinary style, but when he and his brother started Valette, Dustin finally had his own canvas. The Russian River Valley is a rich growing environment for the local farmers and Dustin’s menus all start with the highest quality ingredients. Dustin believes in the subtle and simple ways of drawing the best flavors from his creations.

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Dustin’s ambition and creativity drove him to start his own wine label and launch another restaurant in the Healdsburg square. The Matheson is a dream come true for Dustin, but it was an enormous undertaking. First, he and his partner Silicon Valley legend Craig Ramsey had to acquire the three-story landmark building where a complete overall and renovation was needed. The opportunity to restore and revive the old town bakery was too romantic and fulfilled a dream – they simply could not pass it up. 

Today, The Matheson is a cornerstone of the Healdsburg community. From the self-service wine tasting wall, to the second-floor dining veranda, and the third-floor bar and outdoor area – The Matheson delivers on all promises. When Dustin isn’t leading his team in the kitchen, he’s making sure all the customers are well taken care of and comfortable. 

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He believes in the natural pairing of wine and food and began experimenting with his own family wines in his garage. His curiosity that began as a hobby soon turned into a determination to develop his own label. With his extensive network of farmers and vintners in the area, Dustin decided to partner with some of the most creative minds to develop a full line of Valette Wines.

Dustin revels in the collaborative process of wine development. The relationship between the farmer, the winemaker, and the chef has been the driving force behind his namesake label. Dustin and his wine-making partners are also committed to sustainability and being responsible stewards of the land.

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