The Vehicle

Since the beginning of this collaboration, The Surgeon, a.k.a. Dominic Ciambrone, had a vision in mind: to transform a Bentley vehicle into a signature, one-of-one Surgeon creation. In partnership with the Bentley Mulliner design team, he did just that.

Read all about the process and see what sets this soon-to-be-revealed vehicle apart from the rest.


The Process

“It was great to explore the headquarters and experience the process with a world-class team at Bentley Mulliner.”
-The Surgeon

Before designing the Bentley, The Surgeon visited the heart of the brand in Crewe to tour the factory and meet the Mulliner team in-person. Shortly thereafter, the collaboration began with both teams sharing their passions for quality, style, and detail.


The Vision

“It really comes down to intuition and feeling. When you feel a design, you just know when one is right. It just resonates with you.”
-The Surgeon

There are more than 10 billion possible outcomes when designing a Bentley. With so much choice, Dominic relied on his intuition and gut instincts throughout the process. The result is a car that sits at the pinnacle of luxury. The exterior colors, black and metallic gold, mirror the core brand colors of SRGN Studios, while the interior colors skew lighter in tone, producing a showstopping aesthetic contrast.


The Marque

“The Surgeon monogram represents the highest level of craftsmanship, and I can’t wait to see it come to life in this vehicle.”
-The Surgeon

The Surgeon’s skull and scalpel marque is featured throughout the vehicle design, including a first-ever application in the wood veneers. Thin and delicate, the veneers in this vehicle boast more laser etching than any Bentley before it. For Dominic, they serve as a tangible reminder of what a team can achieve when they keep pushing the boundaries.


The Key

“We wanted to integrate a design element that was shoe vs car.”
-The Surgeon

The sneaker Dominic designed to match his vehicle offers more than just bold sophistication; it also acts as the vehicle’s key. A lace-through leather pocket sits atop the shoe, creating effortless entry, and ignition, for the driver.


The Debut

“To debut the vehicle at Art Basel is surreal, and it’s just the beginning.”
-The Surgeon

The debut of the full Bentley x The Surgeon collaboration will take place for the very first time in Miami, but Dominic has a few words of advice for the person who takes his vehicle home: “It’s truly one-of-a-kind and whoever drives it should embrace that statement for themselves. It’s the most exclusive car in the world. The Surgeon’s touch, a true 1 of 1.”



Take your first steps into the limitless world of customization by configuring your very own Bentley vehicle. Explore the myriad of color, material, and finish options at your fingertips and let your creativity guide you to a first-of-its-kind Bentley design.