Spencer Nikosey

Spencer Nikosey is an American Industrial Designer, Master Craftsman and founder of the KILLSPENCER brand of premium products. From his Los Angeles design and manufacturing studio, Spencer and his team of artisans are handmaking products engineered for performance and utility. 

Inspired by a WWII military yard field trip during his ArtCenter College of Design days, Spencer’s early concept of minimalism and superior craftsmanship in leather goods was born. Nikosey  first designed leather backpacks for himself, after not being satisfied with what he saw in-market. Not having any way to produce the bag, he purchased an industrial sewing machine and taught himself the trade. That original piece of equipment is still in service at his Echo Park atelier, along with a spectrum of unique manufacturing artifacts and high-end materials.  

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For Nikosey, the principals of industrial design begin with function – and the theory that absolute function is artistic in nature. His product designs have a purity in both utility and aesthetic. Nikosey’s use of high performing materials and beautiful hides make his leather products sought after statement pieces for the discerning customer.  

Spencer’s passion for music, sports and photography created a unique set of offerings for the enthusiast. His quilted leather racket case will up your style game, the KILLSPENCER branded basketballs are conversation starters and the company’s guitar and camera straps are truly indulgent.   

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Nikosey is just at home with his sketching tools as he is on the shop floor. He takes great satisfaction in working with his hands, shoulder to shoulder with his team of craftsmen, all highly skilled and committed to the same goals. With his complete mastery of the manufacturing process, Spencer can turn a sketch into a prototype literally overnight.  

The quality of the materials used across the entire KILLSPENCER product line is world class. The hides Spencer uses are sustainably sourced and have a specific pebble texture that is extra durable for a lifetime of use.       

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Nikosey is part of the fabric of the local artist community. The KILLSPENCER design studio is a destination for all types of innovators. Spencer fills his orbit with producers, musicians, athletes and all types of creators. Nikosey especially enjoys collaborating with other artists and is currently developing integrated leather  accessories for a local furniture maker. 

Curiosity and a driven imagination propel Spencer forward. The artisan is constantly in motion and the ideas come in bunches. His following of loyal customers can’t wait to see what is next from KILLSPENCER.

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The rich Havana exterior paint embraces natural light with complex hues. The tweed roof is the perfect complement to the Porpoise main hide interior, and the Burnt Oak secondary hide. The Grand Black veneer includes unique Mulliner overlays and the 22” painted and polished wheels have self-leveling wheel badges.  

The Touring Specification includes night vision, a heads-up display and lane assist features. This particular example also includes the Naim for Bentley audio system, creating a superior overall sound – a “concert hall” experience.   With 2,200 Watts and 18 speakers and controlled via a 20 channel amplifier with eight DSP sound modes and active bass.

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