Excess Wear



As your lease comes to a close, this is the opportunity to experience the highlights of your extraordinary story one last time. If you think you may have excess wear charges, it may be a good idea to schedule your complimentary pre-inspection. This is the most accurate way to determine billable excess wear and provide the opportunity to make necessary repairs.

Please take a few moments to appraise the traces of your journey by downloading our full lease-end guidelines to visually help determine what could be considered beyond normal wear.

You may also request the inspection wheel here.


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  • Cracks, stars, chips or pits on the front windshield
  • Non-factory tinted glass

It’s good to note that Original Equipment Manufacturer windshield replacements are often covered by most insurance policies, don’t forget to check your policy if you need to replace your windshield.

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Body and Paint

  • Dings, dents, scratches and paint chips that fall outside of the criteria noted in the 120 day lease-end brochure
  • Any damage that results in paint removal can be subject to charge regardless of size or number of occurrences
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Tires & Wheels

  • Tires with structural damage, plugged or patched, or tread on tires that is under the tread allowance
  • Tires that do not meet manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation
  • Wheels should have no cracks or structural bends
  • Scratches and gouges larger than 2” on one-piece wheels should be refinished
  • Two-piece wheels with scratches or gouges require replacement
  • Non-manufacturer wheels are not acceptable
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  • Cracks, tears, cuts, burn holes, stains or water damage to seats, dashboard area and carpets are considered beyond Normal Wear, and must be replaced or repaired
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Vehicle Return Reminders


  • Scheduled maintenance must be up-to-date
  • No service or warning lights should be illuminated
  • All mechanical systems, inside and out, must be in good working order
  • The braking system must function properly
  • Headlights, taillights or fog lights are subject to charge if found inoperative or cracked
  • Airbags must be fully functional. Anything that compromises that functionality will be subject to charge
  • There should be no broken or missing parts (two master keys, owner’s manual, head restraints, etc.)
  • Any aftermarket alterations or wheel swaps following the delivery of the vehicle (wheels not meeting Bentley Motors specifications, radios, tinted glass, spoilers, vehicle wraps, etc.) should be professionally removed and the vehicle returned to its original condition
  • Mismatched tires, tires which do not match the vehicle build specifications, plugs, cuts, exposed cords, missing snow tires or flat tires will be subject to charges if not replaced