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The Essentials

What are my options at my lease end?

  • Return: You may return your vehicle to your local Bentley dealer on or within the final month of your maturity date. Please note, all contractual payments will need to be satisfied upon return. Purchase: If you choose to cash purchase your vehicle, you may obtain a payoff by contacting a Bentley dealer. This payoff will include an odometer statement which will need to be filled out. This will ensure that we are able to release your title.


Will Bentley Financial Services contact me before the end of my lease?

  • Yes, you will receive several communications from Bentley Financial Services. 120 days prior to your lease-end date you will receive a brochure and self-assessment tool to help inform you of your lease-end process and options. 90 days prior to your scheduled maturity date a Bentley lease-end representative will contact you to present your end of term options. 60 days prior to your lease-end date a Bentley lease-end representative will assist you with scheduling a pre-inspection and answer any questions you may have regarding the lease-end process.


How can I contact Bentley Financial Services?

  • You may contact Bentley Financial Services at 1-888-641-6386 (option 3).


What is my lease maturity date?

  • The lease maturity date is the date your vehicle is due to be returned to an authorized Bentley dealer or purchased. Details of the lease maturity are found in your lease agreement or extension agreement if applicable.


Can I pay my end of lease bill with a credit card?

  • Personal debit cards and bank account information can be used to pay your end of lease bill. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.


Is my payoff negotiable?

  • Your payoff amount is determined at the time of lease signing. Unfortunately, this amount is contractual and not negotiable.
Pre-Inspection and Inspection

Is the pre-inspection required?

  • The pre-inspection is not required but we do recommend that you take advantage of this complimentary inspection as it provides awareness of any necessary repairs that will need to be made prior to your lease-end date to avoid excess wear charges. Repairs must be performed at your authorized Bentley dealer. Please be sure to send in your repair receipt prior to returning your vehicle so that charges for repaired excess wear may be removed.


How can I schedule my pre-inspection?

  • You may schedule your pre-inspection with AutoVIN, our third party inspection provider, by calling 1-800-556-2811. One of our Bentley lease-end representatives will also call you to schedule your appointment around 60 days prior to your lease-end maturity date.


If I choose to forgo the complimentary pre-inspection, when and how will my vehicle inspection take place?

  • A final inspection to determine excess wear will take place at the dealer, typically within a few days of your vehicle return by our third party inspection provider. Excess mileage charges are determined by the terms of your lease agreement.


Can my authorized Bentley dealer perform the final inspection on my vehicle?

  • The dealer cannot determine any excess wear charges on your vehicle. All charges are determined by AutoVIN, our third party inspection provider.
Returning the Vehicle

What do I need to do to return my vehicle at lease-end?

  • Contact your authorized Bentley dealer 30 days prior to your lease maturity date to schedule your lease-end vehicle return.


What if I made any after-market changes or modifications to my vehicle?

  • Any after-market modifications will need to be returned to its original condition at the time of lease origination. Any after-market modifications left on the vehicle at return are subject to charge.


Do I return my license plates when I turn in my vehicle?

  • If you are a resident of New Jersey, Connecticut or Massachusetts, please be aware that we will require a plate return receipt after the return of your vehicle. Be sure to verify with your returning dealer if they will be turning in your places and remitting a return receipt on your behalf.


What should I bring when returning my Bentley vehicle?

  • Please bring both key fobs, owner’s manual, and all removable options and accessories.
Potential Charges


What charges will be on my final End of Term invoice once I’ve returned my Bentley?

  • Your invoice may include any excess wear that was not repaired prior to return, any excess mileage charge, any property tax charge, any fees remaining on the account at the time of return (e.g. late fees, citations, etc.) and any disposition fee.


What does the disposition fee cover and can it be waived?

  • The disposition fee covers reconditioning the vehicle, transportation costs, any associated auction fees and fees to inspect the vehicle. This fee will be waived with another qualifying Bentley Financial Services account.


What can be considered excess wear?

  • At 120 days prior to maturity, a mailer is sent to you with information on what is considered excess wear. This tool is intended for general guidance only. The most accurate way to determine your excess wear charges is to schedule a complimentary pre-inspection with AutoVIN. You may schedule your inspection by calling 1-800-556-2811.


What happens if I went over my allotted mileage?

  • You will be charged any mileage in excess of the allotted mileage agreed to at lease signing. The best place to find detailed information regarding mileage charges is your lease agreement.


Can I purchase additional mileage?

  • Purchase of additional mileage is not offered at this time. Any mileage over your contracted allowance will be billed per your lease agreement.
Protection Plan Products

What should I do if I purchased the optional Bentley lease-end protection plan?

  • Any excess wear charges from the final vehicle inspection will be reviewed to determine if lease-end coverage applies. Your final invoice will include details of the coverage benefits applied to your account.