Ben Weiss

For 15 years, Ben Weiss (pictured below left, with his stepfather Ray) created coffee and beverage products to mixed success. Then in 2009, he created Bai in the basement of his New Jersey town house, disrupting the marketplace with a "bevolutionary" antioxidant drink with only five calories, no artificial sweeteners and unprecedented taste. In just seven years, Bai grew from Ben's basement to a $1.7 billion acquisition by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. 

For Ben, the basement is where great ideas take root. But he knows you can't stay there forever, because eventually you must outgrow the basement as you fight to bring your dreams to life. Guided by his "Basementality", Ben is continuing his Extraodinary Journey as he aims to disrupt a new market segment with his latest company, Crook & Marker. 

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In an era when billion-dollar tech successes capture all the headlines, Ben's story is an anomaly. It's about old-fashioned door-to-door hustle, naive belief, and the powerful mindset proving that the classic American entrepreneur is alive and well.  

Over two decades of ups and downs in business, he’s learned as much — if not more — from his losses more than his wins. And he knows only one approach: move forward with speed, determination and no fear, while staying tethered to a vision that only you can see at first. Surrounded by a supportive family and propelled forward by colleagues who are inspired to embrace his dreams as their own, Ben continues his journey to bring new ideas to market and new companies to life. Follow Ben on Instagram here

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In the crowded and highly competitive beverage market, Ben and his team had to innovate to survive and thrive. They proved that great taste and better for you could co-exist — solving the “diet dilemma” for consumers who care deeply about what they put in their bodies but don’t want to compromise on enjoyment. With dazzling packaging, a free-spirited brand voice and a relentless focus on distribution, they did everything differently to make big retailers and customers take notice.

Innovation didn't stop at products. Ben carefully forged an empowering culture for a team he lovingly called “royals, rebels and randoms.” Passion and perseverance were prized far more than a great résumé. Ben rooted the culture in five core values — being audacious, tenacious, obsessive, authentic and great — in leading the mission to create "beverages without barriers."


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Ben's initial vision for Bai was simple: create a great-tasting drink. But in finding store shelves filled with sugar-laden products and hearing customer after customer ask for better options, Ben found his fight. As people ran from sugar and calories, Bai needed to be their destination. So he turned Bai into a five-calorie weapon and targeted Big Sugar as his enemy, transforming Bai into the industry’s fastest-growing brand.  

Taking pride in his reputation as the black sheep of beverage, Ben is now battling the establishment in a new segment with his Crook & Marker organic alcohol brand. This new venture is guaranteed to be another wild ride, but Ben and his team are moving forward the only way they know how: as fast as possible.  





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This Continental GT V8 is finished in Moonbeam, with Newmarket Tan as the primary hide and Beluga as the secondary upholstery accent. The interior veneer is Dark Eucalyptus over Grand Black, and the wheels are 22” five spoke alloys with a black polished edge.    

In addition to the First Edition Specification, this model features a Bang & Olufsen audio system and a custom two-tone hide-trimmed steering wheel.  

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