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Breegan Jane


Some people make it look so effortless. They move with such ease and confidence, you could be forgiven for assuming their journeys must have been smooth ones. The reality, of course, is never that simple.

The road Breegan Jane has traveled to date has been full of turns, twists, bumps, detours and surprises. But the award-winning interior designer has navigated them with resiliency, making her a natural person to feature in our new film for the Flying Spur, available as a high-performance hybrid for extraordinary journeys.

To follow Breegan's journey, watch the film above--and to discover more about the Flying Spur, enquire about a Test Drive below.


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An Extraordinary Journey

As an adopted child of white parents, Breegan Jane stood out from day one. "My mother always taught me that unique was beautiful," she says. "And that built within me a confidence that I walk around with."

Entering into the working world as a model at age two, Breegan has since traveled many avenues, including owning a clothing store, owning a restaurant, becoming a mother, and returning to school to learn web design.

Today Breegan is a highly respected interior designer working in southern California. She draws inspiration from nature, and pushes her clients to embrace their own uniqueness. "I always ask," she says, "what is unusual about you? How can we put that into your space?"

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"Luxury isn't about stuff; it's thought and purpose."

Breegan Jane
Interior Designer and Business Owner

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"When I'm designing, I always start with performance," Breegan says. "The design details and the craftsmanship are so important," she continues, "but luxury starts with the performance piece."

It's that unique union of performance and detail that is the hallmark of the Flying Spur. It delivers exhilarating performance with effortless power, and showcases details that include Crown Cut Walnut veneers and jeweled headlamps.


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This phrase is written on a wall at the Bentley headquarters in Crewe, England. It speaks to the extraordinary journeys we at Bentley are willing to undertake ourselves. The Flying Spur is a shining example

If you'd like to continue your extraordinary journey in a Flying Spur, talk to a Bentley dealer.

Its 2.9 liter V6 hybrid powertrain dispatches seemingly limitless power, while remaining surprisingly efficient. Naturally, the driving experience is heart-racing, however, there are just as many exciting elements for passengers to discover.

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