Giacomino Drago

Giacomino Drago is the youngest of eight children from a small town in Sicily’s Messina region. The industrious family grew and made most everything they ate; from pressing olives for their own olive oil, to making fresh cheeses, to watching their father make wine from their own vineyards. By age 11, Giacomino was cooking in their family restaurant and then at 16, he left Italy for Los Angeles. The teenager came to the States to learn the restaurant business from his eldest brother Celestino, already an acclaimed restaurateur with two successful venues.   

After his compulsory military service back in Italy, Giacomino returned to Los Angeles in his early twenties and with the assurance of his brothers launched Il Pastaio. For more than 25 years, Il Pastaio has been a cultural touchstone and bastion of Italian cuisine in the city of Beverly Hills. The Dragos have been busy – their collection of nine restaurants in Los Angeles are “must go” dining experiences for locals and visitors. Giacomino and his Brazilian- born wife, Alessandra, live in Beverly Hills with their two children. 

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As a young boy by his mother’s side in the family kitchen, Drago learned the rich history and culture of Italian cuisine. His traditional dishes start with the highest quality ingredients and a discipline to not overpower the natural tastes with excess seasonings. The menu and dishes are all prepared with an effortless elegance in warm and inviting settings. 

Giacomino is dedicated to the success of his team and treats everyone like family. Many of the Drago staff have been with him for decades, and his warmth and joy in the kitchen is infectious. The recipe comes together each day, with patrons lining the sidewalk three deep to get their table. 

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Giacomino Drago considers his restaurants to be extensions of their family. One of the qualities he takes special pride in is the level of consistency his kitchens produce. All nine of the properties have different offerings and décor, but an elevated sense of warm hospitality is a common thread. Whether the patrons are first timers or regulars, the Drago mantra makes people feel like they are being welcomed into a friends’ home to enjoy a special meal with those close to them. 

And the business continues to evolve. They produce their own world-class pastas and olive oils, which are available for purchase at local markets. He continues to push the traditional boundaries with two Japanese fusion restaurants that have also become local favorites.

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Giacomino comes from a large family, many of whom are involved in the various venues. From brothers to cousins and nieces, the Drago charm is spread all over the city. Drago regularly recalls his early years in Sicily with his parents, and the values they instilled continues with the entire extended family.

To witness Drago cook at his home outdoor kitchen is a special treat, and gives insight into the passion he carries to his professional life. His wife Alessandra and he created a home oasis of a garden with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs which come straight off the vine to their guests’ plates. His old-world approach to his craft not only delivers spectacular cuisine, but reinforces the culture and allure of his Italian heritage.

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