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Walt Brown Jr.

Walt Brown is a second-generation Mexican American businessman, who grew up in a loving home of modest means in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Walt sold his first business when he was still in high school, resulting in an opportunity for him to fund his college degree and the remodel of his parents’ house.  Today, Walt is the Founder and CEO of Diversified Partners, a leading commercial real estate development and brokerage company, based in Arizona. Walt is a respected business man, a devoted husband and father and a local community leader.       

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Walt is a natural born deal maker and entrepreneur. Already working part time at 12 years old, Walt quit his job in an upholstery shop when the boss declined giving him a raise on his $1/hour pay. When he asked his parents for a loan to start his own upholstery business, they got a second mortgage and Walt received his $10,000 in start-up capital. He went on to manage the business through high school, and sold it 10 times his original investment before heading off to college in Northern California.  

After college, Walt immersed himself in the commercial real estate business with a development firm in California. But, his entrepreneurial spirit prevailed and Walt started out on his own. Building Diversified Partners over the years has been a life-long passion for Walt. His professional career and success is fueled by his tireless work ethic and his tremendous attention to detail. 

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Walt and his wife Ruth are the epitome of successful life and work partners. Ruth is an accomplished surgeon who spends nine days straight each month in the operating arena. When not on call, Ruth is fully engaged in their real estate endeavors. Ruth and Walt each have their strengths and perspectives, but the way those skills balance and complement each other in business is inspiring. 

They are also committed to giving back to their community as prominent philanthropists. Whether raising money or lending their time to a worthy cause, Walt and Ruth are firmly grounded to their charitable responsibilities. 

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 Walt believes if you love what you do, you’ll never “work” a day in your life. He lives by this mission statement, and wants others around him to feel that same satisfaction. 

He shares his wealth of experience with those around him, nurturing the careers of new brokers and associates. The commercial real estate business is highly competitive and having a mentor like Walt really helps accelerate careers.  

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This Bentayga example is painted Dragon Red II, a fiery finish created to match the sporting character of the Speed model. Exterior options include the Black Specification with 22” black Speed wheels, plus a carbon fiber facia and LED welcome lamps by Mulliner.  

The main hide of the color split interior is Cricket ball red, with a Beluga secondary hide and contrast stitching. This Speed model also includes the front seat comfort specification with; added ventilation, six different massage settings and adjustable cushion and backrest bolsters. The Touring Specification includes a variety of features designed for long distance, high-speed touring situations, providing greater control and overall confidence for the driver. 

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